supra kawaii


an International Art Exhibition
presented by Dorothy Circus Gallery X Joyman Gallery
During January 15th – February 12th, 2023
at Joyman Gallery (1st floor), Bangkok
The fil rouge that connects all “SUPRA-KAWAII” artworks is the spirituality element that hides behind the visual language knowledgeable and cute at the same time. Our eyes get lost through the pictorial details and the colorful shades and we are overall pervaded by a sense of happiness and comfort. While traveling through the fantastic scenarios created by the artists, we recognise our home because art is where we find ourselves, together, sharing the beauty and the inner soul of our contemporary world and society. The uncanny, the wonder, the magic pervade as feelings of joy and inner peace.
The soft and delicate designs, the vivid colors, the playful characters and the dreamlike settings, all of these elements together create a unique and captivating world, that can be seen as a reflection of our inner self. It is a way to explore our innermost feelings, and celebrate the beauty of life.
The SUPRA-KAWAII becomes a life style, a bridge between the real world and our imagination, it is a way to explore the joys and sorrows of our lives, and find comfort in the arts. It is a way to express our emotions, and be in touch with our selves.
The SUPRA-KAWAII exhibition is an invitation to explore our own spirituality, to find joy in the little things and it is a way to express the beauty of our world. The exhibition features artworks by 15 international artists:
Cheng Cheng Yi / BLIC / Andrew Hem / Miss Van / Tara Mcpherson / Rafael Silveira / Koh Kisung / Alessia Iannetti / Arturo Garcia De Las Heras / Levalet / Silvia Idili / Ayame / Tomoko Hokyo / Tokuhiro Kawai / Sergio Mora