‘Blue moon’ by Tarntara Sudadung

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Title: Blue moon
Year: 2020
Technique: oil on linen
Size: 60 x 60 cm.


“…Some feelings float in the air like whispers of the wind that blows past. They are just a soft sound that perhaps no one hears or is interested in listening to, but I always hear it, when I am awake or dreaming in sleep…”

Whispers in the Wind, a series of oil paintings with soft, dreamy atmospheres with a girl with bangs carrying a baggage on her journey with her little buddy monkey as the main character. Each piece is like a record in pictorial form of the occurrence in each place in the course of her journey towards the destination. Like before, the works in the “Whispers in the Wind” series are remarkable with the artist’s idiosyncratic manner of painting, that is, soft tones and gentle, light brushstrokes; it is as if in each picture a breeze had left its coating on the surface of the painting, and the embracing wind in the atmosphere has some special meaning.