Mamablues graduated in Bachelor of Architecture (Interior Architecture) in 2010. Even though she doesn’t work in this field but she still interested in space and dimension which she use in designing complicated scene.

She does painting and illustration both on analog and digital mediums.
She started from doing murals and expanded to illustration, painting and digital painting. While she experiments with various kinds of technique, She found her own unique curves, lines and volumes. Her work is hilighting on character design with unique face, unusual pose and extraordinary ambient. It gives off mysterious vibes and sensations.


  • 2023-01-Baby Boom Oil on linen 50x60cm
  • 2023-02-Merry go round Oil on canvas 90x70cm
  • Capture One Catalog0018 1
  • 2023-03-Man in the box Oil on linen 60x50 cm