“RUE Exhibition”

10  Young Talented Artists

“RUE” Exhibition by Joyman Gallery, a new page of Thai contemporary arts written by ten young and talented artists. Rue is a Thai word means “doubtful”. The exhibition focuses on a transformation of conventional Thai art, religion and faith to new forms of something questionably call “Thai Art”.

Since definition of Thai contemporary art hasn’t been clearly engraved to the stone. This is an opportunity for young artists to open a new window to the world. Metamorphosis in culture and religion is always extremely fragile for Thai society. Whether or not they’re attempting to entirely “break” the rules or just trying to “expand” it, all works are still delivered thru Thai philosophy, faith and spirits undoubtedly.

Artist : Subannakrit Krikum, Witchakorn Tangklangkunlachorn, Panchat  Yodmanee, Rommana Chalaiyanawat, Terdtanwa Kanama, Pantira Chaikeaw, Ananyot  Jannual, Watcharawong Khunart, Teerapon Srisung, Donruedi Bunkeaw.

Come and experience Rue Exhibition from October 10th to January 13th 2019 at Joyman Gallery, Samran Rat Intersection, Phra Nakorn district.